Anna Daley

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I've loved Neals Yard products ever since I went to their shop in Covent Garden back in 1997. I'm married to Simon and we have 3 children and two dogs. I have been a midwife for over 20 years and have a long standing interest in health, childbirth, massage and aromatherapy. We moved to Aberdeen from South Oxfordshire in March 2013 and I am currently working part time as a community midwife in Aberdeenshire and I have just launched my own company Best Birth providing positive, empowering and realistic antenatal classes for couples in Royal Deeside. I adore NYR Organic products and use them for myself, friends and family. My Daughter, who is nearly 19, is very conscious about the products she uses on her skin and also about the environmental impact of the health and beauty products in general. Her passion and interest has inspired me to be more aware of the backstory of the health and beauty products we use and NYR Organic products never disappoint. If you are new to NYR Organic products I hope that you enjoy discovering and using this wonderful range especially the organic products for expectant mother and babies.

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