About Helen Reeves

About Helen Reeves
Love the Skin You're In.
Do you?.....
so many people don't.... but why not?

Perhaps you suffer with spots, or excema or dryness, even those wretched hormonal ones.

Or have been ill, overworked, stressed or taking strong medicines? These all affect the way your body works.
This shows in your skin very quickly.

I'm passionate that no-one should suffer with skin problems and look at what is happening from the inside and out!

Using my Aestheticienne, Aromatherapy qualifications, NYR Organic's product and business expertise I offer free advice to try and help you.

If you know or come across someone who might be interested in what I do, please put them in touch with me.

It's a fabulous team to be in.




Email: nyrohelen@hotmail.co.uk

Helen Reeves - Love the Skin You're IN

All views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent consultant and do not reflect the views or opinions of NYR Organic or Neal's Yard Remedies.

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