Meet our supply partners

We believe that building strong lasting relationships is better for everyone. We've worked with some of our suppliers for more than 30 years. Above are just a few of the incredible people and organisations who supply our high quality ingredients:

Damask Rose

Damask Rose
Bringing balance to the Isparta region of Turkey

Rosa damascena | Origin: Turkey

Rose Body Cream
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Our richly fragrant rose absolute comes from wonderful farming cooperatives in the Isparta region of southern Turkey. Each fairly traded bloom is picked by hand early in the morning, before the flowers open and release their precious scent, and kept cool and dry before the roses are distilled and their precious essence extracted.

You can find Turkish damask rose absolute in our
Rehydrating Rose skincare collection and Rose Body Cream

Organic Frankincense

Organic Frankincense
Changing lives in northern Kenya

Boswellia carterii | Origin: Kenya

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Our precious anti-ageing 'pearls' of the desert, as they're known locally, are gathered by the women of the Samburu Tribe, from trees that grow organically in Northern Kenya.

A semi-nomadic tribe, the Samburu men herd the cattle while the women gather roots and vegetables, tend to children and collect water – a long 5km walk in the hot Kenyan sun.

Collecting the highly valued resin gives the women of the Samburu Tribe a rare and precious income, which they typically spend on school fees for their children. It's a popular job too, the women are happy to swap their everyday chores for singing and chatting as they work.

It's not all easy though, the trees are armed with sharp thorns and the women need to be vigilant for wild lions and elephants!

We're proud to use their incredible organic frankincense in our skincare, and to support the community with a 10% bonus, which is used for community projects. We're also working on providing the women with a working water pump – to give them safe drinking water and save the women from the long walk in the Kenyan heat.

Ours is the world's first FairWild certified organic frankincense, which ensures a fair deal for everyone in the supply chain.

You can find organic Kenyan frankincense in our Rejuvenating Frankincense collection
and Frankincense Intense Cream

Organic Neroli

Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture
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Organic Neroli
Lifting the spirits and helping women in Morocco

Citrus aurantium | Origin: Morocco

Neroli, or orange flower as it's also known, is said to boost confidence. We like to think ours carries the goodwill of the 40 village women who harvest the blossom of the Seville orange trees, chatting and singing as they hand-pick and collect the fragrant petals on mats spread under the trees, in the fresh spring morning air. Our neroli essential oil is produced exclusively for us by a single estate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

You can find organic Moroccan neroli in our
Nourishing Orange Flower skincare collection

Organic Acai

Organic Acai
Supporting communities in the Amazon rainforest

Euterpe oleracea | Origin: Brazil

Power Berry supplement
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A true Amazonian beauty, our antioxidant-rich, revitalising and moisturising organic açaí oil is extracted from the small berries harvested from the tall, slender açaí palm trees that thrive along the riverbeds and waterways of the Amazon River, in the Brazilian rainforest.

Our potent oil is extracted from the clusters of berries right in the heart of the rainforest. By processing at the point of harvest, we contribute further to the local communities whose source of income comes mainly from the forest, as well as capturing all of the goodness from the fresh berries.

You can find organic Brazillian açaí in our Power Berry skincare collection

Organic Palmarosa

Organic Palmarosa
Creating balance in Madagascar

Cymbopogon martini | Origin: Madagascar

Organic Palmarosa
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In an area dominated by cocoa plantations, our organic palmarosa is providing much needed balance and biodiversity, enriching both the area's wildlife habitat and the local economy.

The aromatic crop project in Madagascar grows a wide variety of plants and spices, from peri peri chilli peppers and tropical basil, to ylang ylang and palmarosa, and provides employment for around 500 Malagasy villagers. It's an important vehicle for social development, bringing reliable income into the local economy and investing in education, sanitation and housing.

You can find organic Madascan palmarosa in our Purifying Palmarosa skincare collection

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