Little Book Of Superfoods

Little Book Of Superfoods
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Harness the power of Superfoods natures gift for health and wellbeing.

Explore the healing properties of foods such as maca, ashwagandha, bee pollen and Superfruits. Create foods that heal with delicious recipes and useful tips. Be part of the Superfood revolution and discover how to combat stress, make weight loss easier and boost your immune system naturally.

Superfoods are natures gift, they're vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that offer us tremendous dietary & healing potential. I like to think of a superfood as nature at its absolute best! Author & Naturopathic Herbalist, Tipper Lewis


  • Key information on 25 superfoods
  • 20 delicious recipes: including meals, snacks, smoothies and drinks
  • Step-by-step instructions & helpful tips
  • Learn how to use nutrition to boost energy levels & support your immune system
  • Discover ways to combat stress & enjoy a better nights sleep
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