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At Neal's Yard Remedies, we are passionate about protecting the biodiversity of our planet and taking meaningful action to protect bees – from ongoing fundraising efforts to protesting against pesticides as part of the Stand by Bees campaign.

Pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem, with 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of food depending on their hard work.
Yet in recent years, pollinator habitats and essential food sources have been threatened, harmfully impacting our pollinator population.

How can you help?

We're inviting everyone to help us create pollinator pathways around the UK. Whether you already own a pollinator-friendly patch of land (or even just a window box) or would like to pledge a new one, we want to hear from you. These habitats provide essential food and shelter for these vital creatures, helping to ensure their survival for generations to come.

How it works

Whether you're an individual, a community group, or a business, every plot counts – from window boxes to wildflower meadows.

Simply add the location of your existing or pledged pollinator-friendly plot, to our interactive Pollinator Pathways map.

Together, we can help to build a buzzing network of habitats that stretch across the UK.

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Did you know?

97% of British wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s – that's a staggering total of 7.5 million acres.

Discover the Bee Lovely collection

We donate 3% of all sales from our organic Bee Lovely collection to bee-friendly charities, and have raised over £350,000 for these international initiatives.