About Marie Buckleygray

About Marie Buckleygray
Let me tell you a story of how I came to love NYR products so much that I applied to become a consultant. I promise to not make it the female human equivalent of Paddington.

When I was a teenage girl I used to stay with family in London. I was enamored with the NYR essential oils that I found in Convent Garden. I had known nothing like it before. The wide variety of uses, how the scents transported you across the world and the ethics of the company very much impressed me. I have used NYR ever since. What started with a joyous discovery, became almost a Knightsbridge to Covent Garden pilgrimage. Now I order directly for my clients whilst being a Group Leader for other consultants.

To say that I have a 'thing' for roses would be grand underestimate. I'm very picky, nice but picky about what I put on my skin. The NYR Rose products in particular are mainstays in my house. Very true to the material integrity of the scent within organic bases that nourish.

Do let me know if I can help!

All views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent consultant and do not reflect the views or opinions of NYR Organic or Neal's Yard Remedies.

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