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Protecting our pollinators this World Bee Day


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Protecting our pollinators this World Bee Day

Founded in 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies has been a pioneer in high quality, planet-conscious health and beauty since the beginning. Using nature's kindest ingredients, we expertly craft our award-winning products in a way that respects and preserves the biodiversity of our natural world.

One of the ways that we honour our commitment to the planet is through our pledge to protect vital pollinator populations from decline, a cause we have championed since 2011. To date, we have raised over £350,000 for bee-friendly charities, and continue to protest loudly against pesticides as part of our Stand by Bees campaign.

This World Bee Day, we're continuing our mission to pave the way for a brighter future for pollinators and raise awareness about these vital creatures. To this end, on May 20 , we're launching a limited edition "Save the Bees" t-shirt in collaboration with British fashion designer Bella Freud, proceeds of which will be donated to bee-friendly causes.

To get yours, and for more information on how you can help the guardians of our ecosystem, read below.

Happy World Bee Day!

Declared an international day of recognition by the UN in 2017, World Bee Day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of pollinators in the preservation of our global ecosystem, and the significant threats that they face.

Pollinators play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and our food sources, with 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of food depending on their hard work. Days and initiatives dedicated to these important creatures are crucial in spreading awareness of their declining population and everyone, no matter how small the action, can play a part in their protection.

Neal's Yard Remedies x Bella Freud

As part of our Stand by Bees campaign, we are excited to announce our second collaboration with iconic British designer, Bella Freud. Together, we are relaunching a limited-edition Save the Bees t-shirt in aid of bee conservation – this time, in sunshine yellow. The bright new t-shirt features 'POLLINATE' on the front, while the back reads 'Save the Bees' with an illustration of the humble honeybee – in signature Bella Freud style. All profits raised from the sale of the new t-shirt will be donated to bee conservation and nature-friendly farming initiatives to support our pollinator populations.

Stand by Bees

Stand by Bees is a campaign that aims to put an end to the use of hazardous pesticides in the UK, protecting our bees, businesses and countryside. Led by Anabel Kindersley, our owner and CEO, the campaign unites a coalition of over 110 likeminded British businesses and environmental organisations, all of whom see the value in protecting our bee populations for the long-term health of our planet.

Did you know?

Just one teaspoon of neonicotinoid pesticides is enough to kill 1.25 billion bees

The campaign has been instrumental in putting a long-term ban on toxic neonicotinoid pesticides on the political agenda, and although three of these harmful pesticides were successfully banned in 2013, the work was not over.

In 2022, the government passed a reauthorisation of neonicotinoids for emergency use, and have done so every year since. Considering that the UK's population of flying insects has declined by nearly 60% in less than 20 years, the long-term effects of this could be catastrophic.

We are steadfast in our commitment to Stand by Bees and the protection of our planet for future generations, and along with other individuals, businesses and organisations, we are determined to bring a ban on these pesticides.

"Standing united on this matter is more than just a coming together of like-minded people. It's a call to arms for every person, company and organisation to spread the word and spur action."

- Anabel Kindersley

How can you help?

Join us! You can help keep up the pressure on the government to make this ban by writing to your MP using one of our letter templates and by raising awareness within your own networks about the importance of protecting our precious pollinators.

By choosing certified organic products, you are supporting the shift away from chemical pesticides and towards more planet-conscious alternatives. Our certified organic Bee Lovely collection is a great place to start. Made using natural and pollinator-friendly ingredients, this collection is kind to skin, kind to planet and kind to bees, with 3% of sales donated to bee-friendly charities.

Did you know?

So far, our Bee Lovely collection has raised more than £350,000 for projects that support bee populations around the world.

This project, which is fully funded by Neal's Yard Remedies, enables habitat development and restoration work that protects this endangered bee species and we are pleased to report that small increases in local populations of Shrill carder bees have been recorded across the UK in the last year.

Further Bee Lovely Projects

Through our donations, we also support Bees for Development's projects around the world, including their newly-launched Help Beekeepers Nurture Trees campaign in Zimbabwe.

This campaign aims to provide 100 women with the skills & ability to run their own nature-based beekeeping enterprises in local government-owned forests, as well as enriching 20 hectares of miombo woodlands through tree planting, natural regeneration and fire protection.

Stay tuned on 22 May, the International Day of Biological Diversity, for the launch of a brand new pollinator-friendly project.

Stay tuned on 22 May, the International Day of Biological Diversity, for the launch of a brand new pollinator-friendly project.

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