Goodnight Pillow Mist 45ml

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PLU 1155

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    “It’s so effective it worked almost immediately”
    Rosie Underwood, OK! Magazine, Fashion and Beauty Director

    Wake up refreshed with our award-winning bedtime mist, proven to improve your sleep from the first night*. The tranquil blend of organic lavender, vetiver and mandarin essential oils promote a sense of calm for a peaceful night.

    • Restful and relaxing
    • Improve your sleep from the very first night*
    • 81% found Goodnight Pillow Mist helped calm and relax*
    • 74% found Goodnight Pillow Mist aids a peaceful night’s sleep*
    • 71% would recommend Goodnight Pillow Mist to someone with sleep issues*
    • 69% fell asleep quicker*

    *Based on consumer trial on 100 participants