Viola Sampson

As a natural healthcare practitioner, I see a truly holistic approach to health includes healthy eating, natural home remedies and organic skin care, as well as complementary medicine.

By buying organic products, we support our own health and invest in the healthcare of the land. I have a special interest in the human microbiome (the microscopic life that keeps us healthy, including the friendly bacteria in our gut). The microbiome shows us, ever more clearly, how our health is intimately connected with the health of the soil and our wider environment.

I am a registered craniosacral therapist with a diverse practice at the Healthy Living Centre in Islington, North London (N1). Being a NYR consultant means I can support my clients in making informed choices about their beauty products and remedies.

Call Me On: 07791153183

All views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent consultant and do not reflect the views or opinions of NYR Organic or Neal's Yard Remedies.