About Lorna Peacock

About Lorna Peacock
Welcome to my NYR Organic website! Thank you for taking time to look me up!
I am passionate about my "blue bottles" - I have lots and use many of the products you will find on the web pages here.

My favourites are :

Beauty Sleep Concentrate - does what it says! Nourish the skin while you sleep!
White tea eye gel - to cool and revive the eyes!
Remedies to Roll - all of them!
Reed Diffusers - to make my house smell gorgeous without any chemicals!
and many more ....

The list could be endless but you get the idea!

Why am I a NYR Organic consultant? Simple really - being a NYRO consultant fits in with my life perfectly, it gives me status, I achieve my personal goals and I love the product.
Behind me is a well established company with a strong British heritage.
I meet lovely people everyday and my team have become my friends! What could be better? If you'd like to join me - click on the info above or call me on 01494 676087.
Would love to hear from you and your thoughts!

Kind regards
Team Leader.

All views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent consultant and do not reflect the views or opinions of NYR Organic or Neal's Yard Remedies.

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