We source our organic essential oil from the Dhofar region of Oman, home to the finest and most sustainable frankincense.

During harvesting season, experienced collectors make small cuts in the bark of Boswellia sacra trees using traditional tools. This process is called ‘tapping’. A milky liquid oozes out and is left to harden in the sun forming a resin. After about 14 days, the collectors return and slice off the resin. These frankincense ‘pearls’ are taken to a local distillery where they're steamed to extract the precious essential oil, renowned for its calming and aromatherapeutic benefits.

“There is a positive sustainability movement in Oman, working to support the regeneration of frankincense trees and help protect them from unsustainable practices. We're proud to use the most sustainably sourced frankincense available, that is also distilled locally therefore supporting local collectors and businesses at the same time.”
Susan Curtis Natural Health Director


We are committed to supporting sustainability efforts to protect frankincense in Oman, where this precious ingredient has been treasured for centuries.

Project Frankincense is our latest conservation initiative to propagate and cultivate 5000 Boswellia sacra seedlings each year for ten years.

Working with local experts, we hope that Project Frankincense can play a part in the regeneration of Oman’s frankincense trees, to safeguard them for the future.

“The first seedlings have started to grow in our Project Frankincense nursery in Oman”