Tracy Winterbourne

'Prioritising self-care is vital for both physical and mental well-being. Restoring balance and nurturing inner peace are key steps in cultivating a healthy and joyful soul. Treating the whole you’
I want to support your body’s innate wisdom to heal both emotionally and physically. This includes the conscious, subconscious and the energetic bodies. Our bodies are designed to heal given the right space and environment.
Our bodies are designed to heal given the right space and environment
From my own personal twists and turns of life it has shaped the changes and growth needed as a therapist, I deeply know the importance of having the right qualified therapist is on your healing path, to hold space and help facilitate the self healing that is much needed. This I whole heartily know and I want to continue to facilitate this for all my clients. I craft and bespoke all my healing modalities & products for my clients needs, knowing that healing is not one size fits all journey. I am here to help you to come home to yourself in a safe and truly holistic approach.

I am also proudly the co-founder of ATTA.LIFE with my dear friend and soul sister Claire. We are an online shop and clinic for everything holistic and the UK's first supplier of the Analemma. Our mission together is to support, serve and educate people back to their innate health.

With love always Tracy

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